Leo Decristoforo

Born in Vienna, Leo Decristoforo studied cinematography at the International Film School Cologne in Germany under Prof. David Slama, as well as at the Filmacademy in Prague (FAMU) in the Czech Republic. He has shot projects for the BBC, Discovery Channel and CBC/Radio Canada and his work was screened at multiple international filmfestivals.

His filmography includes amongst others three music-based documentaries: The Laughing Shoes (2014), Listen To Me (2016) and Life in Three Voices (2020). He has shot in Pakistan, America, and in several European countries.

His work has had theatrical releases in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, and has been screened at multiple international festivals.

Selected Filmography as DP:
Bloodliners (2023) fictional short film
Never Saying Goobye (2023) feature film
Underground Marvels (2021) documentary
Morti in Vacanze (2021) TV series pilot
Circular (2021) fictional short film

Ne vsdffMorti in Vacanza (2020)                        – TV Pilot

Life in Three Voices (2020) documentary
A Tango To Remember (2020) fictional short film
Hide and Seek (2019) fictional short film
Devin (2018) fictional short film
Atma (2018) fictional short film
Im Dunkeln ist es wärmer (2018) fictional short film
Mirada (2017) dance video
The Laughing Shoes (2014) documentary